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Feminism tries to rebrand itself

Feminism is one of the major cancers killing off civilization. Men are revolting against it as are many women. The truth is, feminism isn’t about equality. It is female supremacy. And not only are anti-feminists leaving the plantation en masse, but feminists are fighting among themselves.

It seems like the more “mainstream” feminists are getting sick of the Tumblr-Jezebel-Feministing-Gawker feminazis (the “Patriarchy” feminists) and vice versa; and what they present is a much more palatable feminism – or rather: feminism lite.

It argues that women should not act like men. Seems fair until you realize this woman is saying men are, in their natural state, degenerate that can’t control their lusts and are driven by passion.

Secondly, she says women need to learn to say “no” more often. This is alluding to a woman being the gate keeper to her “temple”. In other words, women should learn to deny men entrance to manipulate them to getting her way. Nothing new here. But it is better to be chaste than to be a whore, but the feminist take on chastity is for power over men, not purity or holiness.

Finally, she contends that men and women are different and that men are not the enemy. This sounds very reasonable considering she says that the two sexes complement each other, like Yin and Yang. Fair enough, right? She even goes on to recognize that it was men that gave women these rights they enjoy today as well as empowering inventions. Except she once again argues that men are barbarians and need women to “civilize” them.

So, in the end, it’s more of the same. Except this time they are dressing up a turd as a fudge brownie for the masses of gullible fools to consume.